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26 Tue 2015 B2B Pest Control Comments: 0

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The common pests that are found in homes include German cockroach or any common type cockroaches, bed bug, fruit fly, flea control, ants, Rat/mouse control, silverfish, carpet battle, Wasps.

10% discount if you do 2 or more property together!!


We offer:

  • Complete pest inspection report
  • Australian approved safe products
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) service
  • Advice for preventing future infestation
  • Free Quote

Our residual based spray and powders with a good chemical that will help a lot to decrease the pest population as they come into the areas of your home. Spraying under the sink, up under the bottom of the sink and even upside around the doors and windows will help protect some of those tiny little cracks and crevices where the common pests, such as the ants, beetles, and cockroaches will come in to feed on that food.

We cover kitchen bedrooms, living room, roof void for the house, widow, door frame, electrical appliances. Using professional grade spray, Gel bait, dust powder using an electric duster, monitoring tape. We also use the chemical and non-chemical method. The most important areas that we consider are the kitchen and the storage places. These are the places that are mostly attacked by pests. Given below is the detail.

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