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German Cockroach

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The German cockroach is a smaller species of cockroach, it typically measures 13-16mm in length when it reaches adulthood. Read More

It is identified by two distinct dark brown strips running down the outside edge of the pronotum. This species is a light tan brown to dark brown colour.


  • We use a super attractant Gel bait which is irresistible to roaches
  • We implement easy to use high-quality glue for attracting and catching roaches and keeps them within the trap.
  • Professional Long residue based dry and liquid chemical
  • Highly professional aerosol


German cockroaches are well-known indoor cockroaches. They mostly find in dark and warm places, like to live close to food and water sources, such as a kitchen cupboard, drawers, back of the electrical appliances, toilet cupboard area. However when infestation level is more it could be found anywhere in your premises whether it residential, commercial or public places.Read More

The thing is, by the time you spot the first cockroach, your house probably is suffering from a full-on infestation because these organisms have the exceptional ability to stay in places which are out of sight and stay hidden in crannies, nooks and places which are hard to reach.


Eradicating pests without the assistance of professionals can be tricky. If you plan on killing them one by one, it won’t solve the problem.

For efficiently eradicating them, you will need to hire experts like us here at B2B Pest Control. We have been the experts in German cockroach extermination in Sydney for several years now.


How Does It Work?

We have an intensive understanding of the damage which cockroaches can cause, and we have an in-house integrated program through which we manage cockroaches. After accessing your full house, our technicians will employ a combination of several highly specialized methods.

With access to state of the art equipment and the latest technologies, you can rely on an efficient service from B2B Pest Control.

Client convenience has always been one of the biggest priorities here which is why we charge a very affordable fee from our clients.

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